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Soft Washing Services on Natures Way in Winter Springs

Softwashing Estimates


Our customer today is the mother of one of our dedicated technicians.  She has known me for many years and wanted her property treated and cleaned from top to bottom.  When my employee mentioned that she was looking to have this work done, I contacted her directly myself.  Having been to her property many times before, I already had some idea of how much work needed to be done.  The focus of my estimate was to look over the property and describe our process in detail.  

Calculating Softwash Requirements

Before taking any measurements, I made certain that she had a clear understanding of the benefits of soft washing, the need for regular maintenance to prevent similar infestations in the future, and the knowledge that the entire home required treatment.  I then took the measurements of the dimensions and pitch of the roof.  The square footage of the roof, home, driveway, pool deck, pavers, gutter system, sidewalks, porches, screen enclosure, and adjoined carport went into the estimate, while the windows and doors were counted.  The entire estimate took little more than 15 minutes to complete, though we spoke for nearly an hour as she familiarized me with the recent goings on in her life in early August 2022. She hired me on the spot, and Immaculate Softwash booked her job for the following week in the morning. 

Softwash Preparation

We started the job the following Monday at 8:00 AM on August 8.  As this was a full house cleaning there are several things that we did to prepare for the job.  The first step was to fill all of our soap and detergent tanks with the appropriate Softwash Systems brand products.  We also made certain that our large sodium hypochlorite tank was filled, as it’s our principal catalyst in cleaning.  

Roof and Gutter Cleaning

We made sure that all personal protective equipment was accounted for, as well as tarps and safety tape, leaf blower, and other job site necessities.  Once on-site, we taped off all locks and doorknobs while watering down all the plants near surfaces we were about to treat.  The purpose of this is to protect metal fixtures and plants from potential damage.  We then put out ladders in place and began our most difficult task: roof cleaning.  This is a large one-story home with a standard asphalt shingle roof, which typically means easy access from the ground to any surface needing treatment.  The difficulty with this particular roof was threefold.  It had been several years since the roof had been cleaned, so algae, mold, lichens, and fungus had started growing on top of the preexisting gloeocapsa magma infestation.  This meant that a strong cleaning solution would be needed.  Secondly, the roof was directly under several trees, meaning there was no way to treat the entire roof from the ground without potential damage to those trees.  This meant climbing on the dangerous slick roof was now a requirement.  This led to the third issue, the buildup of leaves on the roof and in the gutters. 

Full Property Washing

We were able to safely manage all of these concerns and finish the job that very day.  The total work that was done was the complete cleaning of the roof, the cleaning of the gutters inside and out, the cleaning of all the brick paver and siding walls, spot-free window cleaning, the pool deck, the front porch, the wooden fence, and the carport.  This job required a complete crew, with one lead technician and an assistant, while I also participated and supervised.

Environmentally Safe Cleaning

The final part of my job is to give the customer’s home that fresh from the carwash shine and scent.  I’m not being facetious, that’s the goal!  We washed all of the walls and windows of the home with our Final Wash, which contains a waxing agent that leaves the home shining.  There is the added benefit of neutralizing any remaining chemicals from the soft washing.  The windows and walls are then rinsed off with distilled water from our Phantom Reverse Osmosis system, leaving them spot-free.  We also sprayed some Rain Fresh to cover up the remaining smell of bleach on the property.  The part of the job that was different was a large amount of vegetation to consider when treating the surfaces; we certainly didn’t want to put any of that at risk. There are also a great many animals that live on this property, both domesticated and wild.  We took great care to avoid them as well.  The most noticeable thing that we did differently on this property was to physically walk the roof.  

Protective Plant Softwash Care

The trees made it impossible to treat solely from the ground or ladder, so we used fall-arrest protection gear and cleaned top down.  Once we had treated all the surfaces and applied our final wash and rinse, we took care of the plants around the home once more, spraying them with our fertilizing plant wash.  This neutralizes the remaining bleach while adding needed macrobiotics to the soil.  We then walked the property with the owner, who could barely recognize the property. We informed her that she should continue to water her plants for at least the next 2 days just to be safe.  The final results were startling.  This roof was completely black when we began, only to find it is light brown when properly maintained.  The white siding and red bricks pop now and show the contrast.  As for the windows, it’s nice being able to see through them again.  This house hadn’t been cleaned like this in over a decade.  The area has been completely rejuvenated.

Softwash Satisfaction

The thing that she most liked about our process was the instant gratification.  It was fun for her to see the immediate difference in each area as it was cleaned, especially next to the untreated areas.  It left zero confusion as to the thoroughness of the treatment.  She was also particularly impressed with the amount of preparation that went into the job before any chemical spraying began.  She told us that she would recommend us to everyone she knows and that she was amazed at how well our treatment worked on EVERYTHING.  She was expecting it to improve, but not the immediate and dramatic difference on every surface.  She was also particularly impressed that with Soft Wash, the need for pressure cleaning was removed.  Pressure washing has its uses, but should only be used on specific surfaces and only with great care.  The spot-free windows also impressed her; she didn’t realize that you can use chemistry to clean windows without ever physically removing the screens.  She was gracious enough to let us take photos of her property and our equipment.  We appreciate her patronage.