Concrete and Paver Cleaning

Restore the look of your Driveway and Sidewalk

The most utilized areas of any home exterior are always driveways, decks, sidewalks, patios and porches; in other words, the places that you walk! These are often the areas that get the dirtiest on your property. They are a hotspot for various mold, bacteria, algae and fungi to grow. Weeds often grow in cracks and crevices. Whether brick pavers, cool decking around a pool, travertine, concrete or even chattahoochee, Immaculate Softwash has the concrete and paver cleaning tools and expertise to sanitize the surface, clear away oil and dirt, and keep it looking cleaner for 4 times longer than just pressure washing.

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Pressure Washing wont get your Driveway or Sidewalk fully clean

Pressure washing is a useful tool but doesn’t get the surface fully clean or keep it clean. It does a great job of ‘mowing the lawn’; a restoration to remove the bulk of sediment and organic material.

Heated pressure washing can also help penetrate the surface of oil stains, allowing for a more thorough chemical cleaning once it dries. Lastly, it does a good job of removing the visible part of weeds. Softwashing with Concrete and Paver Cleaning is an effective method of sanitizing these surfaces to produce a clean that lasts far longer as it actually kills the infestation that is causing the discoloration in the first place. It’s usually all that is required to maintain these surfaces on a property for a year at a time, as well as restricting weed growth and helping to remove deeper oil stains.

Rust and Calcium Cleaning Solutions

Once you have gotten those paths, decks and driveways back to new, ask us about our Concrete or Paver Sealing Services. (We can also remove the old sealer from the time you had someone else seal it for you.)

We can even remove unsightly rust stains or the calcium buildup from various construction materials. Ask us about Rust Removal Treatments and Calcium/Efflorescence Removal Treatments.

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Concrete and Paver Cleaning With Both Softwash and Pressure Washing.

Immaculate SoftWash feels that both methods have their merits: that is why we use both! This extra painstaking attention to detail gets the surface cleaner, the clean lasts longer, all while limiting maintenance costs for weed removal. There are so many benefits to a clean and sanitized walking area. It’s safer to walk on, because it doesn’t get as slippery when wet. It’s safer to live with as it removes the risk of organic microorganisms affecting your health. It leaves the area cleaner than any other method. It doesn’t damage the surface. It’s literally the best of all worlds! Find out more today.

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