Exterior House and Building Cleaning

Restore the look of your Home Or BUilding

When people first come to your home and/or business, it’s the exterior that most often generates their first impression. Green and moldy walls growing with parasitic organisms capable of literally eating the surface and making people sick is NOT a good first impression. Spider webs, Wasps Nests, and pollen buildup give a building a dirty and uncared for appearance. Bacteria leave black streaks on the surface making the property appear far older than it is. Mold and algae can be noticeable from hundreds of feet away if allowed to run rampant. If these issues are bad for your home, what about your lungs?

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Pressure Washing can damage your home or building

There are solutions to this problem that thankfully don’t require blasting your surface with water at 3000+ PSI. Pressure Washers can be very useful tools but they have no place at all in cleaning buildings, except in restoration situations where the damage is already too great. On a painted surface like stucco, or a flexible surface like siding, the force associated with pressure washing can dent, pit, mark or even destroy the surface. What’s needed in these situations is a versatile and safe yet powerful solution like soft washing. Using our water-based, biodegradable chemicals, we emulsify and break down dirt and grime while destroying bugs nests and webs. The surface is always sanitized in the process, killing the mildew, mold, bacteria and algae so that it takes 4-6 times longer to grow back. This proven method is far safer than pressure washing in terms of damage to the surface, as well as using ⅓ the water. Softwashing is environmentally friendly : Green and Clean.

Mold Removing Cleaning Solutions

Soft washing is more than home cleaning. The products we use not only clean stains but also penetrate, sanitize, and eliminate the root of your mold issue.

We remove those ugly green bacteria streaks that stain your home or building. Our soft washing eliminates bacteria and mold from its source making our solution a much more effective remedy than pressure washing.

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Exterior Building Cleaning Guarantee

It’s our goal to create a personal experience for each homeowner, endeavoring to meet each client’s particular concerns or goals. Our house/business washing service produces long-lasting results, which we guarantee for 12 months. We understand the unique requirements for each individual surface, as well as the corresponding Chemistry which will clean the surface most efficiently. It’s not as simple as just mixing a strong solution and spraying it everywhere! A brick surface would require an entirely different solution than stucco or siding. Knowing the differences ensures a total clean experience.

  • Stucco
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Siding
  • Cedar Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • EIFS/Synthetic
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