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Post Construction Pressure Washing Clean Up

Post Construction Cleanup

Cleaning up post-construction can be stressful because it is a multi-step process that requires waiting, clearing, restoring, and touch up’s. It can be time-consuming and while many people would love to do the cleaning themselves, it just makes more sense to hire a cleaning company instead.

Immaculate Cleaning can help with that. We pride ourselves in our ability to take care of your pressure or soft washing needs. We understand that cleaning takes time and money and we respect both of yours. That’s why we have created a plan that works well with you and doesn’t waste anyone’s time and money.

When the construction crew is finished, there are so many materials left behind and there is the processing time for the concrete to cure so that it is precise and perfect. If a cleaning crew is called in too early or the cleaning isn’t done by a professional, you could end up with damage. Pressure washing can be very hard on soft surfaces which can add up to expensive damage repair.

We know the exact amount of time to wait for the concrete to cure and what soft surfaces to avoid to give your business or home the cleaning job that it deserves.

We start with:

Rough Cleaning-During this step, we take care of removing those excess materials/debris and trash left behind post-construction. What we are looking for is a blank canvas, so we’ll also do some general sweeping to remove loose dirt/dust.

And then:

Proper Cleaning-This step requires the most work because we do our comprehensive cleaning which involves heavy equipment to clean exteriorly and interiorly. Floors, walls, cabinets, windows, doors, sinks, and toilets all need to be cleaned post-construction.

For concrete and brick, pressure washing is essential and so, we generally use about 2,500 PSI to get all the gunk and grit off your property to not only make it look clean but feel clean. As for other surfaces such as vinyl, wood, stucco, and stone, we use a process called soft washing so that there is no concern about damaging your property.

Before finally moving onto:

Touch-Up Cleaning- The last stage is the final cleaning step. We want your home or business to look and feel the very best. Several days after the proper cleaning, we will come in and take a look around so we can remove dust particles, smudges, fingerprints, etc. Just touching up those last-minute (but super important) details!

Looking for a clean-up crew for your next construction project? Look no further, we have you covered. Call Immaculate Cleaning today! 407-489-0907