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Immaculate SoftWash has over 20 years of experience providing soft washing quotes & services. We are dedicated to transforming the outside of all residential & commercial properties in Central Florida.

We provide soft washing, pressure washing, power washing, gutter cleaning, & window cleaning treatments. We never compromise on quality & are dedicated to giving you expert customer service.  

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Your Questions Answered

Ideally a service provider with coverage up to 2 million dollars is standard to protect your property. No coverage means you are assuming all the risk and low coverage cost may not be enough to cover an accident. We’re insured for 10 Million. Contact us for a soft washing quote.

Warranties will keep the service provider accountable for the quality of their cleaning, and are better than guarantees. 5 year roof warranties provide peace of mind for our customers.

Technology and regulations often change and it’s important to stay up to date to remain compliant. We do this Annually.

Yes! All of our employees are vetted and will always carry a photographic ID card to be able to reassure customers.

We have hundreds of reviews available online for our established company, but there’s nothing wrong with asking for a really good reference to ask how their experience was.

Yes! Many of our clients benefit from our yearly property maintenance service which involves an annual gutter clear and clean, spot free window clean, roof clean, patio clean, driveway clean, and brickwork clean.

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Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

Our process is designed to eradicate MOSS, ALGAE, MOLD and MILDEW.
These are common forms of fungus that grow on your home, eating and decomposing your roof and other surface materials at an alarming rate. Our Soft Washing process will kill the fungus and keep it from returning for a longer period of time.

Our cleaning solution is strong enough to clean your roof, kill all existing algae, and keep algae from coming back for up to 5 years. Some plants directly in the drip line of the roof will defoliate slightly, while some may defoliate completely. This condition, though unsightly, is typically temporary. 90% of the affected plants recover within 90 days. A similar condition occurs when cleaning driveways and walks. The grass on either side of the concrete can turn brown as far out as six inches. The discoloration usually diminishes after edging or mowing one to two times.

To minimize the risk of landscape damage, we encourage you to water your landscaping thoroughly before and after service to ensure proper hydration. During the service, we will also take precautions to protect your landscaping. In our experience, these steps have been highly effective in reducing the stress effects on your landscaping from our cleaning solutions.

We strive to achieve little to no plant damage, but sometimes it is unavoidable due to variables outside of our control such as post service watering, pre-existing health of landscaping, species of plants, etc. Due to these variables that are out of control, we are unable to make any guarantees or accept any responsibility for the replacement of landscaping.

Our soft washing process utilizes a light spray stream to apply our chemical lighter than the stream of your garden hose. However, while having your roof or home cleaned, you could experience some paint flaking. This is a result of poor surface preparation before painting (fungus is not completely removed and the paint is applied over it). When the algae grows again, it separates the new layer of paint from the old, causing flaking.

Another rare condition we observe is a change of paint pigment on the painted surface. The faulty paint (usually brown or blue in color) will sometimes turn green. Due to this potential problem, our crew will do a small colorfast-test on your paint before cleaning. 90% of the time this test will alert us to a problem and we will then seek your approval before beginning the job. At times, even this does not uncover the problem. It is important to remember that this is a rare condition and a problem with the paint itself. We do not assume liability for this condition. However, at your request, the authorized professional will be there to help and advise.

Our soft wash driveway cleaning will not look as good as a pressure washing until the residue of the dead algae is rinsed away by several hard rains. We do not rinse at the time of cleaning in order to allow the cleaning solution sufficient time to soak into the pores of the driveway. This permits us to kill 100% of the algae on your drive. After the rain, your drive will look as good as one pressure washed, lasting four to six times longer.

Immaculate Soft Wash can clean and/ or lighten rust and oil stains in most cases. However, this service is not included in our standard cleaning package. If you would like more information about this service, please call your Immaculate SoftWash representative for a quote. Remember, not all oil and rust stains clean completely, even with pressure washing. Before having this service done at your home, please ask the technician to clean a sample area for your approval.

From time to time we come in contact with tarnished brass home fixtures. When our chemical comes in contact with this tarnished brass, it will turn the brass green in some areas. Our chemicals will not react adversely if the brass has been properly maintained. If you experience discoloration or would like some recommendations on how to care for your brass, feel free to call Immaculate SoftWash.

Immaculate SoftWash technicians will rinse your windows during and after the treatment process. Still, some sediments may settle on your windows. Also, if you have hard water, your windows may dry with spots. If you are concerned about spotted windows you may want to schedule your window cleaning service after our cleaning. We use pure water to get a spot-free finish. If you notice any areas that were not rinsed, please call Immaculate Soft Wash.

Immaculate Soft Wash usually will not walk on some fragile roofs. However, please understand that even if you requested we stay off of your roof, it may not always be possible. Some areas are hard to reach from a ladder or the ground, such as chimneys, behind screen enclosures, and back sides of roof gables and slopes. These areas may require the technicians to get on the roof. But you can be confident that Immaculate Soft Wash technicians are trained to use the utmost caution when walking on any roof.

It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the Immaculate SoftWash technician about any leaks or gaps around doors and windows. Immaculate SoftWash does not assume liability for damage caused by our cleaning solution if it leaks into the home. Weather stripping should be checked and added if needed before beginning service.

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