Soft Wash Fence Cleaning

Restore the look of your fence

Are your fences looking like they have seen better days? Like any part of your home’s exterior, Fences are susceptible to the heat and humidity that Florida is famous for. Over time fences are magnets for bacteria, mold, mildew, fungus, grime, pollen, and other nasty messes. These messes rob your fence of its natural color and texture and replace it with their own. 

If left unattended, these issues will eat away at the surface of your fence and cause oxidation, erosion, discoloration and rot. Add on some bugs, dirt, grass clippings, and some of the other messes you’d find out in your yard, and you’ve got a perfect recipe for one messy fence!  An old looking fence can make your yard feel less welcoming and age the appearance of your property overall.

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Removing Fence Mold For Good with Premium Fence Cleaning

When it’s time for fence cleaning, the safe and effective option is always Softwashing.   Other methods like pressure washing can damage wood finishes, wear down brick and even blow holes in vinyl. It also doesn’t treat the surface, rather only does moderate cleaning.

The unsanitized surfaces will return to looking terrible as soon as the displaced mold, mildew, and fungus has a chance to grow back. Given that it only takes mold 24 hrs to reach maturity and reproduce, pressure washing clearly is either a temporary solution or not a solution at all.  This is especially true for your wood fences. 

Every year, mold destroys 4 times more wood worldwide than the combined effects of the logging industry, forest fires, and natural disasters.  The reason is simple: Mold doesn’t take a day off

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Fence Restoration Before
Fence Restoration After fence cleaning

Fence Cleaning with Pressure Washing

If you are planning on washing away that slime and grime and restoring your fences’ ‘former glory’, make sure you’re going about it the right way! Immaculate SoftWash fence cleaning will treat your fence with exceptional attention to detail. We only use biodegradable cleaners from SoftWash Systems for our soft washing solution, as part of our Good Stewards commitment to eco-friendly products and systems.  In combination with a system that uses only half the water that pressure cleaning does, you can be assured that you are doing the right thing for your property and also your community.

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