Gutter Clearing and Cleaning

Why is Gutter Clearing and Cleaning Important?

Immaculate SoftWash Gutter Washing Before Immaculate SoftWash Gutter Washing Before

Gutter clearing and cleaning plays an important role to ensure that rainwater flows freely from the roof via a suitable guttering system. Heavy and constant rainfall can damage properties long term if water is unable to flow freely from the gutters.

Overtime, environmental factors affect the guttering systems whereby blockages of moss, leaves, twigs and dirt occur, falling from the roof, trees and surrounding areas. You would be surprised how far in windy and wet conditions properties, free of tree areas can be affected. Family homes often find an exacerbation of gutter blockages with children’s toys such as small balls and toy cars.

Obstructed gutters can lead to a host of damaging issues. Rainwater won’t be properly diverted from your roof and will instead seep into walls, penetrate foundations, and cause dampness and mold in various parts of the home. In extreme cases, this can even weaken the structure of the property. 

The exterior of the gutters can become dirty and covered in tiger-stripes from bacteria. Our gutter brightening brings out the original look of your gutter exteriors.

If you were to have a leak and to make a claim on your insurance to repair property damage, replace damaged goods or stock, one of the first questions the insurance company would ask you is; “have you had your gutters maintained and can you prove it?” If you haven’t and the leak was caused from water ingress from your blocked up guttering, it would be unlikely you would be able to make a claim.

Maintaining gutters with gutter clearing and cleaning is essential. Insurance companies recommend cleaning them at least yearly to ensure water drains away swiftly, leaving houses safe and dry. Regular upkeep safeguards property and keeps it insured.

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This small bush was pulled from an uncleaned gutter.

Gutter Clearing and cleaning

We recommend keeping your gutters clear of all debris. Gutter clearing and cleaning can be done in numerous ways and often leads to homeowners causing more damage than good to both the gutter system and theirselves. You need to be extra careful when using a ladder against your spouting / gutters. Old gutters may give way and allow your ladder to suddenly shift and cause you to fall.

So the real question is this; if it worth trying to tackle this job by yourself or would your prefer us to come take care of your gutters and any other issues on the exterior of your property. You would be amazed to see what we can do with your home, roof, driveway, windows, decks, and of course gutters.