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How Outside Mold Affects Family Health

Mold Removal Services

Mold grows around places that have a lot of moisture such as roof leaks, pipes, windows, or even places that have flooded. It can grow in places that have cardboard, on ceiling tiles, or wood, drywall, carpet, and fabric. All of these things can be found on the outside of the house as well as the inside of it. And, what’s on the outside can easily find its way to the inside.

How Mold Travels

Mold travels through vents, windows, open doorways, and HVAC systems, or anything that is outside and attaches itself to shoes, clothing, or even pets. All of which can transfer to the inside, thereby creating issues with mold inside the home. The thing about mold is that it grows, so it’s not one of those “a little can’t hurt” type things. A little mold can turn into a lot, and quickly. Referred to as mold spores, the little guys can cause an array of respiratory issues. Building materials supply the perfect conditions for these spores to grow in.

Mold Health Issues

Not all people, but some are sensitive to mold. Exposure could mean various health issues like wheezing, stuffy nose, shortness of breath, red/itchy eyes, or a skin rash. People who have asthma could find that their condition worsens in the presence of mold. Those who have immune disorders or underlying lung disease may be more susceptible to mold which can cause fungal infections. Anyone with a pre-existing chronic respiratory disease may find it harder to breathe when they are around areas where mold exists.

Keeping Mold Out of Your Home

Make sure that you check the outside of your home for water damage regularly, especially if there has been a leak or if it’s rained a lot lately. If there are any signs of mold, get them taken care of immediately as mold can grow quickly. For the interior of your home, be sure to control humidity levels, make sure the shower is properly ventilated as well as the kitchen and laundry room. If a room has flooded recently, make sure that it is properly dried out and fix any leaks that you find.

If you find mold in your home, it is a sign that there is something wrong with the moisture to ventilation ratio. This is a problem that should be addressed because without proper ventilation you are going to continue to run into the same problem.

There are many molds out there and while some (such as black mold) can worsen health conditions, all mold is bad and needs to be removed. Small amounts of mold are workable, but if you have found a large amount of mold, it might be better to stay somewhere else while it is being repaired.

Immaculate Cleaning can help you with any mold problems that you have. Not only will we inspect your home, but we can also guide you on the best treatment plan so that your family can feel safe and comfortable in your home. Just give us a call or visit our website today! 407-489-0907