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Commercial Business Soft Washing With Immaculate SoftWash

Commercial Business Softwashing: Mold just won’t stop growing.  The one thing that living in the state of Florida teaches people is that there is no break from the humidity.  This same humidity provides the absolute best environment for mold, mildew, algae, lichens, fungus, and bacteria to thrive.  The absence of traditional seasons, such as a cold winter that would impede this contamination, means that Florida is constantly generating the rainfall, heat, and humidity needed to grow mold year-round.  Given that mold only takes 24 hrs to grow for some varieties, an entire business front can be overtaken quickly.

Commercial Business Soft Washing Storefront

As a commercial business owner in Florida, you know that maintaining your business appearance is a constant struggle. The mold won’t stop growing.  Pollen is constantly falling on windows and walls.  Bees and wasps make their homes right above the entrances to buildings.  Keeping a clean and sanitized environment year-round can seem an impossible task for a busy owner.  There is also the concern that frequent pressure cleaning will be damaging to your property, create too much debris, be loud, and very frequent.  A business has much more traffic than a home and requires much more attention to detail and solutions that last.  This is where commercial business soft washing solutions from Immaculate SoftWash come in.  Our unique sanitizing process safely and effectively cleans each surface without the damage that pressure washing can cause.  It sanitizes the ‘infection’, so the clean lasts up to 4 times longer than a traditional pressure cleaning.  The process uses half the water and all the chemicals are completely biodegradable and Low VOC, so you don’t need to worry about contamination or lingering odors.  Our equipment is quiet and the service is much faster than pressure cleaning as well.  Best of all? When we are done, your windows will also be as clean as any window cleaning service can provide.  We can clean any surface and the majority of stains.  For anything biological in nature, we can guarantee removal.  WE DO IT ALL!

Commercial Business Softwashing Pavers

This type of service is especially useful to a variety of businesses, especially those with a storefront aspect to their businesses.  Restaurants have a nearly constant flow of customers and require consistent service to maintain appearances.  Scheduled window cleaning, along with yearly building mold removal and sidewalk cleaning guarantees that your business will always be positively regarded in terms of curb appeal.  Supermarkets have nearly constant customer flow as well.  Like with restaurants, Immaculate can be flexible and schedule cleaning during more convenient times, and be efficient when the work needs to be done.  Doctor and Dentist Offices are especially important customers for us.  Not only do we value the service that they provide to the community, but they also love that we can provide an environment outside that is nearly as sanitized as the inside of their examination rooms.  

Commercial Business Soft Washing Coffee Shop


Do you own a barber shop, salon, or spa?  You don’t want your clients walking past mold, pollen, and dirty windows before they see you.  A clean environment screams “These people care!”  Perhaps you own a gas station.  With the constant traffic, the concrete gets very dirty, the building will have many windows to maintain, and the area coverage for the gas pump area is very difficult to clean without specific equipment and training. We have the needed equipment and training; ours is industry-leading from SoftWash Systems, located in Central Florida.  Do you own a warehouse, storage mall, or large commercial building?  We can safely clean it, it will stay clean longer, and we offer value pricing on larger projects.  

Commercial Business Soft Wash Gas Station

The important thing to remember is regardless of what business you’re in. Appearance matters.  It is like the handshake at the beginning of a meeting or that first smile. It captures the all-important ‘first impression’ that we are all hoping will go well.  If you have a clean building, people are more likely to like you and trust you. Doing this type of cleaning takes time for the inexperienced, and it’s annoying to have to schedule repeat cleanings constantly. With our Regular Maintenance plan, the guesswork is removed and we ensure your building is clean and stays that way every month. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about our commercial business soft washing services and warranty!