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More information about our Restore Program

Want to know more about our Restore Program?

So you just got your roof cleaned a year ago, and already you see those nasty black streaks returning. It looked like they did a good job at the time, but now you are getting worried.  Getting your roof cleaned is expensive and you can’t do it yourself; are you going to have to clean it every single year?  Or will you just have to live with a constant battle against the elements you are destined to lose?  Don’t panic! There is a way to maintain that clean roof.  Our soft wash maintenance restore program protects your property against the elements.  

Immaculate Softwash Restore Program Shine

Your property is vulnerable to direct sunlight. Over time your shingles start to crack and become brittle, as the membrane underneath the asphalt is little more than tarpaper.  In shady areas, bacteria and algae thrive all while your building’s material lifespans keep reducing.  Those disgusting streaks of black bacteria that stretch to the gutters grow more obvious every day but also weaken the strength of the shingle.  When these wet and dark shingles become heated by the sun, the temperature goes far above the manufacturer’s specifications and damage occurs quickly.  With this unique set of circumstances, meaning the need for protection from UV Rays, water, bacteria, mold, fungus, and time itself, there are precious few solutions available on the market.  The Restore Program from Softwash Systems is one such solution. 

Immaculate Softwash Restore Program Benefits

Our Restore conditioner is a leave-on solution that neutralizes left-over bleach and protects against sun and fungal damage. It keeps moisture away from shingles making them less pliable and protects against losing aggregate.  Think of this as a leave-in conditioner for your roof;  it protects against the harmful effects of treatments designed to clean the roof while reapplying the strength and plasticity that was evident in the shingle when it was originally installed.  Regular cleaning of an asphalt shingle roof, meaning once every 5 years, followed by treatment with the Restore Conditioner, will ensure the maximum possible life of any roof, per manufacturer’s standards.  

Immaculate Softwash Restore Program

The restore conditioner was created to protect and maintain asphalt roofs but has proven effective for the maintenance of many surfaces around the home or business.  It’s also great for use on vinyl sidings, awnings, fiberglass, PVC, asphalt shingle roof, membrane, cedar shake, & wood.  Essentially, many surfaces are not strong and may even be pliable or porous.  Wood is the most vulnerable surface on this list.  Most people believe that their dirty fence or deck must be replaced when a simple soft washing followed by our Restore Treatment is usually sufficient to restore any wood surface.  


1.Soft wash the roof by sanitizing the surface with our soft wash solution, killing existing bacteria.

2.Rinse the roof of dead bacteria and our cleaning solution, leaving your roof with minimal residual.  

3.Apply RESTORE (TM) treatment, neutralizing any residual solution, and restoring your shingle roof and other surfaces.

The single greatest benefit of the Restore Program is seen in your savings.  There are few things more expensive than replacing your roof, fence, or awnings.  When they are soft washed, you have completed half the work.  The damage that was occurring to the surface from bacteria and mold is stopped in its tracks.  This is only part of the solution though.  Once the bacteria are killed and the pollen removed, you need to protect the surface from the sun and water.  Restore accomplishes both of these things.  In combination with our Final Wash Program which assures that cleaned surfaces stay that way, Our Restore program ensures that your cleaning job will last far longer than you ever thought possible.

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