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Pressure Washing Your Pool Area

Pool Lanai Cleaning

For Florida Families, summer means celebrating by the pool. Parties, BBQs, swimming, relaxing; there is no limit to the ways you can partake. With each summer hotter than before, this is more true than ever. You may have big plans this summer for your pool. However, your pool area is dirty and full of debris.

When many people think of pool maintenance, they think about the cleanliness of the pool itself. Maintaining the water chemistry and clearing debris from your pool is only part of maintaining the pool area. Regular cleaning of the deck, screen lanai, planters, and other surfaces is essential to maintaining a positive aesthetic. Dirt, debris, spills, mold, algae, mildew, and pool chemicals can cause corrosion; not to mention the reality that around the pool, people are typically barefoot. Not only are these messes an eyesore, but they can also be dangerous, causing surfaces to become slippery.

It’s ideal to clean and maintain your entire pool area regularly for these three reasons:

1. It keeps pool guests safer

The area around your pool is constantly wet during the summer season. This is due to summer rainstorms and/or splashing of guests using the area. The presence of water and heat leads to plenty of algae, mold, and bacteria growth. Power washing, which is Pressure washing with heat, is an effective way of dealing with this problem. When used along with detergent and chlorine, power washing will not only remove the algae and the like but also kill it. Equally important, this service prevents surfaces that become slippery from becoming dangerous.

2. It removes filth and improves aesthetics

There is constant traffic around your pool area. Not only people, but wildlife is a frequent presence. There is also the great outdoors itself, with all the leaves and dirt. A simple look in your pool skimmer will show the truth; your pool area is a collection point for leaves, bugs, amphibians, animal waste, algae, and other undesirable waste. The entire pool area has this in common, not just the water. Not to be forgotten is the potential for food spills. While using a hose to wash off the pool area can be helpful, it doesn’t have the power to truly make a difference. The vast majority will remain until removed by a combination of cleaning agents and pressurized water.

3. It prevents wear and makes repairs easier

The proper maintenance of your pool area will extend the life of your home. Dirt, algae, mold, and waste like leaves and acorns break down when left on a surface for too long; this leads to corrosion, staining, rust, and oxidation. These hazards greatly reduce the life of your pool area and lead to costly repairs. When repairs are needed, cleaning beforehand is essential to providing a clean surface that concrete, sealants, epoxies, paints, and caulking bond to correctly. Cleaning afterward extends the life of the repairs. You can’t lose cleaning your pool area!

The summer is the time for relaxation, fun, and taking in Florida’s awesome weather. Nothing provides that better than a pool. It’s never too late to get your pool summer-ready by hiring a licensed and insured pressure washing company.

Immaculate Cleaning of Central Florida is a great choice. With 20 years of professional experience, you know you’re getting the very best in pressure washing expertise. You can trust that your family will be safe from the filth that builds up in your pool area. Make the whole area sparkle, not just your pool! Give us a call today at 407-489-0907 or email us at!