Your Softwash Company Alternative to Pressure Washing

Hello and welcome to Immaculate SoftWash company. We’re the absolute best alternative to pressure washing. Don’t settle for low quality pressure washing that lasts only a year. Our products not only remove dirt, grime, mold, and algae from your home, we guarantee it to stay removed for up to 5 years.



We take care of those.

If you’ve hired a pressure washing company before, or even made the attempt yourself to pressure wash your home and the surrounding areas, you already know the pressure washing does not last.

Every time you pressure wash, you risk chipping away paint and parts of what you’re cleaning. If you’re even the slightest bit curious about Soft Washing, give us a quick call and let us explain it to you. 

As a softwash company, we use state of the art biodegradable and environmentally safe chemicals that kill and eliminate bacteria for years to come.

Immaculate Softwash Wall and Roof Cleaning Before Immaculate Softwash Wall and Roof Cleaning After
Immaculate Softwash House Cleaning Before Immaculate Softwash House and Roof Softwash Results


Yeah, we handle those too.

We invite you to browse around our softwash company website and see the success we have to offer in cleaning every aspect of your home. Our environmentally safe and biodegradable products work wonders on all types of stains.


Of course, why stop there?

Chances are we can clean anything you throw at us. We take decades off of your home, driveway, decking, and roofing. If you’re planning an event or thinking about selling your home, call us and have us come visit to give you a free quote!

Immaculate Softwash Brick Cleaning Before Photo Immaculate Softwash Brick Cleaning After Photo
Immaculate Soft Wash Gutter Clearing Before Immaculate Soft Wash Gutter Clearing After

Clogged Gutters?

Not on our watch

We are routinely asked to swing by and take care of customer gutter systems, especially after a tropical storm. You would be surprised to see all the junk we find up there.

Gutters protect your home’s foundation by allowing water to swiftly flow away from your home’s walls and base. Keeping your gutters clean will improve the longevity of your home.


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Apopka, Mount Dora, Maithland, and Winter Garden

It's as easy as one-two-three.

Give us a call

Call us to schedule a free visit
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Let us clean

Our Softwash company will gently clean away any mildew, mold, and algae.

enjoy your home

Your home will look brand new,
and you'll enjoy every second of it.

Had an outstanding experience with Immaculate SoftWash recently when our roof was done. The work was impecable, timely, and priced very fairly. Joe was very prompt with his appointments and judging by the way he kept his equipment in pristine condition, we knew he was the best choice for the work.
We would highly recommend this company and their superior workmanship. Refreshing in this day and age! Thanks Joe, will be using you again!
john argentieri
Joe is very concerned about his work and he shares the same concerns that we had about protecting plants etc. He made sure we were satified with the job before he left. Our experience with Immaculate SoftWash was excellent and we will use his company in the future and have recommended them to several of our neighbors as well.
don w
Immaculate Softwash is an excellent company. Very professional and responsive. The did a terrific job.
kathy sionetti correa
Professional. Clear explanations. Punctual.
juan sanmiguel
So surprised at how clean everything turned out! Been doing my own here for years and has never gotten this good!
Joe Sirilla
Great company! They were very responsive. They helped me with my exterior cleaning needs. For sure going to use them in the future!
Jennifer Silguero